«Caffè Sospeso» in progress to Greece and Cyprus!

«Caffè Sospeso» ( english “suspended coffee” and greek “καφές σε αναμονή”) is an idea born in Napoli (Italy). The story is simple enough. You visit a store (coffee shop, bakery, grocery, restaurant etc) to buy what you want and you pay for one more. For example, you buy a coffee for your own and you pay for one more. The person responsible for the firm post a sign in his/her store which says the available quantity in pending. The goal of this action is people who can’t afford for the basic may be able to eat, dressed etc. decently.

Both in Cyprus and Greece a group of young people have already started this action trying to spread it all over! Lets help them!

I saw a relevant promo video of this campaing and I though that it is worth to be spread to all of us !

You may see the video below: